Regarding Death From Domesticated To The Forbidden And Death Sociologygy
Evcilleştirilmişten Yasaklanmışa Ölüm Ve Ölüm Sosyolojisine Dair

Author : Erdi AKSAKAL
Number of pages : 77-93


Death –one of the fundamental values of the traditional world- is considered as the inception of the default infinite happiness of the world within the same society. The same phenomenon of the death is acknowledged as a natural flow of life and sacred –where relevant- within historical process. However, individuals going through significant changes in life strategy and reality perspective with the modernity, tried to expel and forbid the death by moving off the domesticated death. The concept of death -leaving its sacred area/falling out from its sacredness while transforming from traditional society to modern society- was also comprehended as an earthly phenomenon and was placed within the individual’s responsibility and practice area. Thus, leaving it collectivism, death became a complete part of an individual area. In this context, while death was detained in graveyards as a place of closure, it was given a chance to break its divine bonds. In a different stage of modernity, we face an immortality reality which is seduced and intrigued, different from the classic and first stage of the modernity. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the sociological perspectives on the immortality understandings on the death acknowledged as sacred and domesticated, death forbidden and expelled with the modernity, and even the death intrigued in a different modernity stage.


Traditional Society, Modernity, Death, Post-modernity


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