A Comparative Glance to Education in Terms of Some Social Values
Bazı Sosyal Değerler Açısından Eğitime Karşılaştırmalı Bir Bakış

Author : İbrahim ÇANKAYA
Number of pages : 211-219


The Students, families and the cultural environment are important components of the social capital in education in terms of social values. The effect of students, families and culture on social network of multicultural education cannot be denied. The aim of this study is to compare data the level of native student-migrant student cooperation, student-family and family-culture relationship and the level of social trust and level of school belonging in native students-migrant students between Turkey and the BENELUX (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) countries. The study is a study of phenomenology pattern in qualitative research method. The data were analyzed descriptively. As data collection technique was used document analysis. Data on the working group were downloaded from EUROSTAT (2019) and PISA (2018) databases.


Comparative education , immigrant student, emotion value, Benelux Countries, Turkey


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