An Analysis Of The Metaphorical Perceptions Of Primary School Teachers Regarding Syrian Students (Konya Example)
Sınıf Öğretmenlerinin Suriyeli Öğrencilere İlişkin Metafor Algılarının İncelenmesi (Konya Örneği)

Author : Süleyman DEMİRTAŞ - Ayşe MENTİŞ TAŞ
Number of pages : 156-177


The main purpose of the research is to determine the perception of classroom teachers about Syrian students through metaphors. The study group consists of 133 volunteer classroom teachers working in 17 different primary schools located in the central districts of Konya province, Karatay, Meram and Selçuklu. These teachers have Syrian students in their class. Data in the study applied to participants ” Syrian student. . . like this; because. . . " where the questionnaire was completed. These data were analyzed by using qualitative research techniques. As a result of the research, teachers expressed their perception of Syrian students and used 80 different metaphors. These metaphor images are grouped under 8 different categories. It has been the metaphor of the most repeated “flower”. The most metaphors were collected under the category of “displaced, non-stateless”.


Classroom Teachers, Syrian Students, Perception, Metaphor.


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