The Impact Of Organizational Justice, Trust, Commitment and Citizenship On Employee Performance and A Study
Çalışanların Performanslarında Örgütsel Adalet, Güven, Bağlılık ve Vatandaşlığın Etkisi ve Buna Yönelik Bir Çalışma

Author : Yasemin SARICI AYTAN - Salih GÜNEY
Number of pages : 138-155


In this study, it is aimed to examine empirically the effects of organizational justice, trust, commitment, and citizenship on the performance of employees. In the study, a survey was conducted in a district of Istanbul on a staff (n = 446) working in various positions of a municipality in 2017-2018. According to the findings of the study, organizational justice and organizational trust were not directly effective on employee performance (p> 0.05), while statistically significant relationships between organizational justice and organizational trust (p <0.05), organizational justice and organizational commitment (p <0.05), organizational justice and organizational citizenship (p <0.05) were found. There were also statistically significant relationships between organizational commitment and organizational citizenship and employee performance. According to structural equation modeling results, organizational justice trust brings organizational trust commitment and citizenship, which positively affects employee performance.


Organizational justice, organizational trust, organizational commitment, organizational citizenship, employee performance.


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