The Effects of Crime-Encouraging Digital Games on Children and Prevention of These Effects

In addition to acquiring useful information in the connected-online world of information that we live in every aspect of technology and that surrounds us day by day, knowing our personal information and the environments that endanger young people and the risks involved in this situation shall contribute to our awareness raising. It is stated that the age of using connected-online environments around the world goes down to 4.5 years. It should not be forgotten that children who are not yet fully aware of the dangers in the outside world face all kinds of risks in the connected-online environments. This study aims to raise awareness through research on virtual games that carry risk, as the conscious family which raise the conscious generations. At the same time, this study clearly demonstrates the functioning of digital challenge games such as Blue Whale, Mariam, Momo, psychological disorders they cause and even leads to suicide. It is suggested that such games target children, especially those with poor social relations, adaptation problems, dependent personality traits, and psychological suicidal tendencies. As a result of examination of the changes in the mood of children and the devices they use, it can be determined that they play such games. What needs to be done at this point is to ensure that children stay away from these games, not to access the suspicious access addresses they encounter on social media or browsers and not to contact foreign people. It is observed that have been taken precoutions about these malignant games in many countries around the world. There are no legal regulations on these issues in our country yet. It is recorded in the forensic record that more than 200 people committes suicide and many people are self-harm injured by themselves. In the light of all these remarkable data, these games and their effects on children examines in this article.


Digital Game, Blue Whale Challenge, Momo, Suicide, Child.

Author : Derya KANTAR ÖZKES - Büşra KANTAR - Fırat KOÇ - Vahdet ÖZKOÇAK
Number of pages: 215-226
Full text:
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