Early Married Syrian Children

Who massively immigrated to Turkey due to war refugees in Syria live in temporary protected status. People with better financial situation, neighboring countries (Turkey, Lebanon, etc.) Are known to go instead to go to European countries. It is observed that middle-income spouses in Syrian society have passed away, women who have divorced from their spouses and the uneducated, financially challenged and non-passported part of the society have left their countries illegally and took refuge in neighboring countries. Psychological trauma caused by migration has also strengthened the acquisition of mass movement among family members. The broad family model was maintained to ensure that families feel safe from the new society they are in and to minimize common expenses such as invoices and rent; Due to the financial impossibility, the mass settlements were realized more rapidly in the neighborhoods where the old buildings were located. In this extended family model, it has been observed that the necessary care is not taken to ensure the registration of children without school enrollment or to encourage the child who does not attend school by their parents. The demand for the uninsured labor market is also to have high-energy young people who can work in long-term jobs; adolescents have taken on the role of family members who make a living. Thus, the status of adolescent men in the family has increased from childhood to adulthood. It is revealed that the fact that girls reach adolescence as an economic burden for the family, and that the future-education relationship cannot be established by the families, then children of unconscious families are dragged into marriage more intensively at an early age. Early marriages revealed pregnancies as a child, and this was mostly referred to by health professionals. As per the Child Protection Law No. 5395, the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services carries out the necessary examinations for the child's personal interest. they do not know the legal process in Turkey of refugees, social workers covered by the family of Forensic Sciences necessary guidance and counseling can not be, the followers of the process is the olamamasınane. Early marriage of a child causes a violation of the rights of the child in our constitution, related laws and international conventions. The aim of this study is to evaluate how early marriages, which the Syrian citizens claim to have done according to their culture, are evaluated in terms of Forensic Sciences and how they affect the physical and psychological development of the child at the micro level and the social structure and functioning of the society at the macro level.


Earlymarriage, ForensicSciences, Social Work, Refugee, Syrian, Temporary Protectıon.

Author : Selin HOPANCI - Fırat KOÇ - Vahdet ÖZKOÇAK
Number of pages: 10-22
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/rssstudies.36828
Full text:
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