Investigation of Failure Related School Dropouts in Vocationals High-Schools
Meslek Liselerinde Başarısızlık Kaynaklı Okul Terkinin İncelenmesi

Author : Cevdet ERGÜL
Number of pages : 100-117


The purpose of this study is to focus on the issue of dropping out from school as it is one of the most important educational problems in Turkey as well as in the world. A school dropout is defined as leaving the education system without getting any certification. For nations to develop, human capital plays a significant role by providing educated and qualified people. In this sense vocational high-schools carry a crucial mission. In this study which focuses on the school dropouts due to failure in vocational high-schools, the school principals and teachers’ perceptions of school dropouts due to failure is researched. Moreover, concepts that affect school dropout due to failure and any demographic differences that possibly have a role on the subject is analyzed based on the sample group participated in the study. Target population of the study is the vocational high-school teachers located in the city of Istanbul, Maltepe district though the 2015-2016 academic year. Based on this population 321 people are chosen at random. In this study relational screening model is used. In order to collect data the researcher has used ‘Demographic Information Form’, along with the research scale and the concepts that affect on school dropouts due to failure that are determined by the researched. The data obtained is analyzed though the program SPSS and the level of significance is set as minimum p<,05. Modes, deviation, mean are calculated, factor analysis is performed, the independent samples t-test, one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Tukey tests are also carried out. In order to designate the relationships between the sub-groups, Pearson’s correlation analysis is used. The conclusion of this study can be summed as: The most important concept that affects the students’ school dropouts due to failure originates from family followed by economic situation and school environment. The professional seniority of the sample group is observed to have an influence on the perception of behavioral aspects and in terms of task variation, the school principals’ success rate is observed to be directly proportional with having a positive perception on school dropouts.


School dropout, middle/high school, failure, vocational education


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