Views of Turkish Teachers on Children's Literature
Türkçe Öğretmenlerinin Çocuk Edebiyatına İlişkin Görüşleri

Number of pages : 65-76


The aim of this scientific study is to determine the views of Turkish teachers on children's literature and to determine how Turkish teachers benefit from children's literature in their own lessons. Children's literature lecture learned in some undergraduate programs, it is not only a course, but also a domain interwined with life. Children's literature plays an important role in educating individuals who have acquired a reading culture. When preparing children's books, the principles of "child relativity" and "child reality" should be considered. Turkish teachers should take responsibility for bringing together books written and narrated with this conscience to children. To this respect, the views of Turkish teachers on children's literature are very important. The universe; the population and samples of this study consist of Turkish teachers working in secondary schools in Mersin city centrum. As to the sample/paradigm of the study, Turkish teachers of five secondary schools selected from these schools by simple and random sampling method consist of. In this research, as a data collection tool,a questionnaire called "Views Of Turkish Teachers about Children's Literature" was used to reach more opinions. In the interpretation of the data, they were interpreted according to the averages by using statistical techniques (frequency, percentage). According to the obtained data, it is seen that some of the teachers did not take children's literature lesons during their undergraduate education. However, whetver or not they take children's literature courses during the undergraduate period; it was observed that teachers had mostly positive opinions about children's literature. Unfortunately, even though these positive opinions, it is remarkable that most teachers have some lack of knowledge and false information on children literature. Despite all this, it is possible to say that Turkish teachers accept the existence of the field of children's literature ve and try to follow this field because of their profession.


Children's literature, Relativity to child, Child Reality, Reading Culture


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