Fatwas of Sheikhulislam Ebussuud Efendi on Poetry and Literature
Şeyhülislâm Ebussuud Efendi’nin Şiir ve Edebiyatla İlgili Fetvâları

Author : Muhittin ELİAÇIK
Number of pages : 37-43


Ebussuud Efendi was a significant sheikhulislam who had solved thousands of fatwas and personal issues regarding various domestic and foreign political events and all areas of life together with the arrangement of the state affairs. He played an important role in this sectarian / political nature with the hard fatwas he gave in his office where he stayed for thirty years in a century when the Ottoman-Safavid rivalry took place. He is the most important person who determined the way Iranian Shiism is perceived in Anatolia together with Kemalpashazade. Among the thousands of fatwas of Ebussuud Efendi, who is also a poet, there are many fatwas related to poetry and literature, some of which are direct verse fatwas and some are answers to various questions asked about poetry, poet, language and literature. Our work on verse fatwas still continues and we have introduced some of them before. In this study, various fatwas which are related to poetry, poet, language and literature are introduced.


Ebussuud Efendi, fatwa, language, literature.


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