The Evaluation of Izmir Turkish Course Book A1 for Foreigners with Respect to the Principles of Constructivist Approach
İzmir Yabancılar İçin Türkçe A1 Kitabının Yapılandırmacı Yaklaşım İlkelerine Göre Değerlendirilmesi

Author : Mesut GÜN - Pınar NÜNÜKOĞLU
Number of pages : 88-99


The constructivist approach, based on the process of structuring the previous learning with new learning, has also an important place in teaching a new language.With the changing educational attitude, the constructivist approach, which opposes traditional approaches, is based on the principle of student-centered learning that is shaped by the individual.While learning a new language, one must play an active role and the books which will guide him are needed to prepared with respect to the principles of the constructivism.Accordingly, the book,being taught on the basis for constructivist approach, that will source for language teaching lecture is expected to contribute to the learning process by paralleling this approach. The purpose of this study is to evaluate İzmir Turkish for foreigners A1 coursebook prepared to teach Turkish to foreigners in accordance with the constructivist approach principles and to determine the contribution of constructivist approach used in Turkish teaching coursebooks on teaching and learning a language.In the study, document analysis that is one form of qualitative research methods was used.The subjects and exercises in the book were examined according to the principles and steps of the constructivist approach respectively.In order to teach the lesson within the constructivist approach, it has been determined about the compatibility of the book with the approach.Based on the findings, criticism and suggestions were made for the the compatibility of the book with the constructivist approach and the contribution of this approach to the field and teaching Turkish language, the effect of this approach on the teacher, the student and learning.


Constructivism, teaching Turkish for foreigners, course book, work book.


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