Preservice Mathematics Teachers' Philosophical Views on the Nature of Mathematics
Matematik Öğretmen Adaylarının Matematiğin Doğasına İlişkin Felsefî Görüşleri

Author : Seval Deniz KILIÇ
Number of pages : 77-87


The aim of this study is to determine the philosophical views of the fourth year students of mathematics department of science faculty who are attending pedagogical formation certificate program of a public university in Aegean Region in Turkey. Qualitative research methods were adopted and a semi-structured interview form was used as data collection tool. In the analysis of the data, students' views were analyzed in the axis of the themes determined from the literature. According to the findings, pre-service teachers (75%) expressed views on semi-experimentalist philosophy, second (18%) on foundationalists philosophy and a small number (7%) on both philosophies. Considering that the teaching plans, learning environments and measurement and evaluation methods used by the teacher are shaped by the mathematics philosophy of the teacher, the importance of the research findings emerges. At the end of the study, suggestions were made to align teacher candidates' approaches to the nature of mathematics with the curriculum.


philosophy of mathematics, nature of mathematical knowledge, prospective teachers


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