The Architect Journals Between 1946-1948 as medium of comparison on Modernism in Iran and Turkey: The case of Modern House
1946-1948 Yılları Arasında Türkiye ve İran Modernizminin karşılaştırması için bir ortam olarak Arkitekt Dergileri ve Modern Mesken Meselesi

Author : Farivash Ghanadı MARAGHEH - Hilal Tuğba ÖRMECİOĞLU
Number of pages : 20-36


The parallelism of modernization periods, and the similarities and differences of architecture until 20th century in Iran and Turkey have been a popular subject for researchers. Especially, the discussions about residential architecture and the majority of cases give a fruitfull contextfor studies about this subject. Beside the stylistic similarities, which had already been discovered, one of the similarities of the two modernization movements is the architectural periodicals . The “Architect” journals that had been published concurrently with similar names, styles, subjects etc. bear remarkable similarities. This paper offers “Architect journals” as an objective medium for following formal relationships to similar studies comparing modern housing architecture in the two countries. In this paper the Architect journals which had been published between 1946 -1948 have been compared and the similarities are being searched under the topic of residential architecture. Hence, it is intended to compare the house projects which have been published in Architect Magazines in both countries. In this study analogy method is used for the purpose of comparison of modern architecture in Iran and Turkey, under a joint publications and projects; so, as well as similarities determined in other studies, some remarkable differences have been reached.


Architect Journals, Modern Houses, Iran and Turkey.


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