In Accordance with Kâmûsü’l-A’lâm the Province of Trabzon At the end of the 19th Century
Kâmûsü’l-A’lâm’a Göre 19.Yüzyılın Sonunda Trabzon

Author : Yavuz BAYRAM - Avni ERDEMİR Semih YEŞİLBAĞ
Number of pages : 01-19


Kâmûsü’l-a’lâm is an encyclopedia of 6 volumes that written by Şemseddîn Sâmî who is known as lexicographer and author of encyclopedia, whose first volume published in 1889 and last volume published in 1898 in Istanbul. The work is prepared with scanning many works, especially Ottoman period’s salnames. Thus, Kâmûsü’l-a’lâm is one of the important works that written in Ottoman period like Ottoman period’s poets, bookmen, penmen, musicians, clerics and statesmen and biographies, bibliographies and histories which are introducing them. In this context, the work attracts attention as an important work that gives informations about historic events and people, besides informations about geographical terms and locations. Especially, it is valuable in terms of obtaining correct informations about a settlement’s political, geographical, social and cultural structure towards the late 19th century and giving a chance to compare that with the current situation. Thus, first of all, it is aimed to bring to light informations about Trabzon at the end of the 19th century which information is given by Kâmûsü’l-a’lâm. In this purpose, the transcriptive text where the article of Trabzon is placed that is located between 3004th and 3008th pages will be put forth. Besides the article’s original text will be placed with simplified text in this article. Thus, a comparison between Trabzon in the late 19th century and today’s Trabzon will be possible.


Kâmûsü’l-a’lâm, 19th Century, Works of Ottoman period, Trabzon.


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