The Review Of The Relationship Between Innovation and Intellectual Capital On Businesses

In order to keep up with the change and development process in highly competitive markets, today’s businesses have to keep their business performance at high levels. In the new economic system known as information economy, assets like intangible assets that are formed by information creates competitive advantage for companies. Since intellectual capital is the core of information economy, helps businesses that are knowledge and labor intensive to be innovative and to create value. Therefore, businesses produce innovative solutions on strategies, products, services, processes and marketing for the problems in order to cope with tough competition in global economies. However, innovations are being realized with the appropriate and efficient use of intellectual capital. The aim of this study, is determining the relationship between intellectual capital and innovation. In first two parts of the study, the concepts and importance of intellectual capital and innovation and intellectual capital elements are described. Within a theoretical framework the relationship between these two concepts is determined in the next part of the study. In the conclusion part, suggestions were made to the enterprises in order to develop their intellectual capital. In addition, since this study deals with the relationship between intellectual capital elements and innovation one by one, it is thought to contribute to similar studies in the literature.


Innovation, intellectual capital, human capital, structural capital, relational capital.

Author : Sezin AÇIK TAŞAR
Number of pages: 23-33
Full text:
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