New Approaches To Firzovik Rally: Correspondences About Administrative And Military Precautions

Though there are various evaluations and explanations made in relation to the Firzovik Rally, which is one of the most considerable occurrences in terms of its character and consequences in the Ottoman history, its mystery has not been solved yet. Being one of the important elements of the Ottoman political and societal structure, Albanians rallied in a small town within the Kosovo State due to some political developments and concerns. Though there are different numbers expressed for the number of the people involved in the rally, official documents state this number as nearly 30000 people. The Ottoman State, carefully watching this rally, approached itwith caution. In order to prevent this rally from turning to a regional rebellion, the Ottoman state followed the policy of resolving the issue through counseling. The most remarkable outcome of the rally is its role played in the proclamation of the II Constitutional Monarchy. While this rally was expected to be dispersed after the proclamation of the Constitutional Monarchy, it was continued and thus viewed as an aggression towards the new Constitutional State. The current study addressed the administrative and military precautions taken by the Government against the Firzovik Rally.


Firzovik, Galip Bey, Şemsi Paşa, Rally, Constitutional Monarch.

Author : Taner ASLAN
Number of pages: 333-372
Full text:
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