Slang In Hulki Aktunç’s Story “Madi Hayat In The Dark”

One of the most prominent characteristics of Hulki Aktunç, who authored different types of literary text like poem, novel, short story, essay etc., is his linguistic sensitivity. He had a repertoire of slang terms which he composed across the streets of Kadıköy and transmitted to public sphere through his work The Great Slang Dictionary (Büyük Argo Sözlüğü). Slang is for him the fraternity of languages. Hulki Aktunç shows his mastery of slang not only by compiling the dictionary but also by placing slang on the center of language and plot in some of his works. This study deals with the relationship between the language based on slang terms in his short story “Madi Hayat in the Dark” such. The short story is about the loneliness of a young man who went broke and was kicked out of the house on a rainy night after quarrelling with his father. The aim of this study is to reveal that argon, which does not find much place in Hulki Aktunç's other stories and novels, is the main element of the story called “Madi Hayat In the Dark” and to examine the slang words in the story. In this study, the vocabulary used in the short story will be explored, and it will be interpreted how Hulki Aktunç’s identity as a lexicographer affected his fictions. At the end of the study, the witnessed slang dictionary of the story prepared from the slang words in the story will be included.


Hulki Aktunç, slang, The Great Slang Dictionary (Büyük Argo Sözlüğü), short story.

Author : Sevda KAMAN
Number of pages: 97-107
Full text:
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