Effects of Leadership Additudes in Organization on Employees Job Commitment: A Field Research on Private Basic High Schools Operating in Gaziosmanpaşa District in İstanbul

In order to examine the effects of leadership attitudes of the managers on the commitment to work. in organizations; empirical research was conducted on 108 teachers working at Private Final Basic High School, Private Individual Basic High School and Private Kültür Temel High School, which were selected by judicial sampling by considering accessibility criteria from private high schools operating in Gaziosmanpaşa District of İstanbul. Multifactorial. Leadership Styles Scale and Work Engagement Scale were used as measurement instruments in the research. According to the findings; there was no significant relationship between teachers' commitment levels and demographic factors (gender, age, marital status, educational status, branch, occupational duration and working time in the institution); It is concluded that there is a meaningful relationship between teachers' commitment levels and transformational leadership behaviors of school principals.


Organization, Leader, Leadership, Commitment to work.

Author : Nuri AVCI - Zafer SAYGILI
Number of pages: 108-123
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/rssstudies.39830
Full text:
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