Possible Influencing Factors On Juveline Delinguincy: Fear Of Crime Urbanization And Family Structures (Cases Of İlkadım And Canik)

Crime is a social problem. Wherever there is a human being, it is certain for crime to show up there. Together with migrations, families which have come to big cities have begun to disintegrate slowly. Extended families have given way to nuclear families. Nuclear family has also broken up into small pieces within itself. It seems probable for children who cannot keep up with these changes to get involved in crime. The risk for committing crime increases in individuals who are influenced negatively from urban life. Urbanization and changes in family structures have negative effects on juvenile crime. The present study was conducted to understand how the changes in urbanization and family structure after 1980 influenced juvenile crime and the fear of crime and to make suggestions for decreasing the feeling of insecurity created by the fear of crime. The research was carried out using a semi-structured interview technique with 40 people selected from Samsun İlkadım and Canik provanca. As a result of the interviews, it can be said that the children carry out the crime knowingly, the substance has a significant share in it, the media increases the fear of crime, the fear of the safe environment after the increase of fear of crime decreases and the feeling of being suicide or victimized at all times. Besides, it has been understood that the child's friendliness, the school he or she reads, and the environment have a significant influence on the child's immaturity. It is thought that the financial difficulties experienced by the families who migrated from the village to the city are different from the urban cultures, making it difficult for the families to adapt to the city where they live.


Crime, Fear of Crime, Juvenile Crime, Urbanization, City

Author : Selim EREN - Nebahat DEMİRAY
Number of pages: 132-161
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/rssstudies.39892
Full text:
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