Pedagogical Evaluation of Theater Adapted Works for Children from World Literature

In this article, dramas in the World literatüre which are written for children are dwelled on. İn this study, after mentaning the importance and the place of child theater in education, general research about productions written for children in the wordl literatüre are done and cognitive subjects like description, purpose, properties and history of child theatre are mentioned.Theatrical products written for children are evaluated pedagogically. İn the conclusion section, a general judgments has been madev on the theatricals Works written for children. Children’s theater which are converted into literary works to theater, should have pedagogy, language rules and ideas that process moral values. Play writers and directors are also be responsible in this matter. Writen in order to educate while having fun, these Works should appeal to the child’s dream world and he should like the characters he can take as an example. Key words: children’s literatüre, theater, pedagogical research.


children’s literature, theater, pedagogical research.

Author : Nuray KARAKAYA - Alparslan DEMİRBİLEK
Number of pages: 178-192
Full text:
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