Perception Of Time In The Selected Works Of German Literature

The issue of time has closely interested the literary world as well as philosophy. Although philosophy takes the objective time as an issue of research, literature takes subjective time in the fictitious world. The aim of this study is to put forth the perception of time in the selected works of German Literature. The common point in the selected works has become the relation between time and life span and in the definition of the current through death. In this context,firstly the transformation of time has been put forth in philosophy and then the time perception under the light of present time in the works of Johan von Templ'sThe Farmer From Bohme, Andreas Gryphius's All is Mortal, and ''The Evening'', M.Opitzin's ''Hey Darling Let's Be Quick'', J.W.Goethe's '' A Similarity'', Spoerlin's ''You Wait Only'' has been defined.In these works, the relation between the value of time and the existence of human has been studied referring the past and the present time.


Time,Literature,Reception, Existence, Philosophy

Author : Birkan KARGI
Number of pages: 193-205
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