The Impact of Color Arrangements on Pattern Appearance in Woven Surfaces
Dokuma Yüzeylerde Renk Düzenlemelerinin Desen Görünümüne Etkisi

Author : Fatma Nur BAŞARAN - Nazlı KEŞİKÇİ
Number of pages : 20-39


Woven fabrics are textile products that are indispensable due to their features that meet all changing needs and have a wide usage area ranging from the simplest clothing to the advanced technology smart fabrics. When the structures of woven fabrics are examined, it is observed that they create complex structures with their various features in addition to being simple. At the same time, there are many factors that influence their texture or visual features from the raw material phase to finishing. Weaving patterns, which have various types ranging from simple to complex, are among the most important factors. The type of weaving pattern used in the formation of fabric affects the microstructure of the weave and it may diversify textures and feels to a large extent with its various yarn features. All woven fabrics have a texture-pattern feature depending on the type of weaving pattern used, even if produced in a single color. Colors demonstrate the cheerful effects they have on our daily lives in woven fabrics as well, and an unlimited number of pattern works and fabric designs can be made when weaving patterns and the color factor come together. Certain weaving patterns form fixed pattern effects with a certain number of colored yarn arrangements and some others may demonstrate unpredictable effects. Therefore, in this study, it was aimed to determine the pattern effects created by the combination of color, which affects fabrics only visually, and weaving patterns. In this survey-trial study conducted to determine the visual effects created by the color arrangements on woven surfaces in yarn groups, 13 weaving patterns were determined to test the various features and the pattern features created by these patterns with simple and complex color arrangements were examined. As a result of numerous trial studies, straight line, staircase, star, square, rectangle and dot pattern effects were obtained with the application of simple and complex color arrangements on the weaving pattern reports.


Weaving, pattern, colored weaving.


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