Homophobia: A theoretical and empirical assessment
Homofobi: Kuramsal ve görgül bir değerlendirme

Author : Hasan ATAK - - Tuğba Kırman
Number of pages : 86-104


LGBTI+ individuals have been exposed to othering and discrimination throughout history. Homophobia, according to the meaning of the word, is expressed the fear of homosexual orientation. It is also an indicator of prejudiced approach and discriminatory behavior towards this orientation. Homophobic people also show this attitude to LGBTI+ individuals. Although homophobia is an inclusive concept, terms such as transphobia for transgender individuals and biphobia for bisexual orientation are also using. The problems experienced by homosexual individuals are not only lead an isolated life from society. There are obstacles to utilization due to public services and even they do not receive services. In this report, firstly the concept of homophobia, then theoretical explanations, then the homophobia literature and finally the relationship between mental health and homophobia is discussed.


Homosexuality, Homophobia, LGBTI+, Queer theory.


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