The Image of Women in the Reality of Surrealism and Surrealist Women Artists
Sürrealizm Gerçekliğinde Kadın İmgesi ve Sürrealist Kadın Sanatçılar

Author : Serpil AKDAĞLI
Number of pages : 40-56


Surrealism, one of the most groundbreaking art movements of the 20th century with the transformation of form and content, has emerged at a time when the moral and rational assumptions of western culture were no longer trusted and let the artists to question their own nature. Symbolism emerged in the late 19th century, the views of psychoanalysts like Sigmund Freud and the traumatic effects of the First World War has provided a basis for the formation of the movement. In Surrealism encompassing visual arts, cinema, music, and literature, it has been interiorized the revelation and the expression of emotions through subconscious techniques and symbols. This has been the way to reach the main reality. The main reality emerged fromboth the combination of the artists own reality and the realiy of outside world. Woman image is itself the embodiment of this composition. Woman in this composition is either an image or an erotic female cult. Woman’s existence as an artist was of secondary importance or totally ignored. Although it started under the leadership of male artist, women artists took part in the surrealist movement soon enough. Despite the male dominant point of view of the period, women artists who pushed all the boundaries and called for peace, not war being influential in advancement of the surrealist movement and having a universal dimension, produced works of art in many disciplines and proved how important role they have had in the improvement of modern art.


Surrealism, Reality, Woman, Image.


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