Trauma Informed Organization: The Process of Creating A Trauma-Informed Organizational Culture
Travma Bilgilendirilmiş Organizasyon : Travma Bilgilendirilmiş Örgüt Kültürü Yaratma Süreci

Author : Ayşen Temel Eğinli - - Şenel Karaman, Ayşe NARİN
Number of pages : 135-160


Trauma refers to the mental and physical impact of the events that have been experienced or witnessed by people. The event that causes trauma can include any subject such as natural disasters, sexual harassment, violence, or neglect. People affected by the respective traumatic event are closely related to the way they perceive and make sense of this event in line with their bio-psychological characteristics. People experience traumatic stress reactions as a result of their experience of trauma. Similar to people, organizations can be negatively affected by trauma that can cause stress, therefore trauma is considered as an issue that should be tackled for organizations as well. Organizations need to create/develop a trauma-informed organization culture process to protect themselves from the effects of trauma or to cure existing traumas. The development of trauma-informed organizational culture is a planned process that affects all layers of the organization from each employee to the management, to be created with the aim of understanding the trauma and helping the people affected by the trauma to recover their strains. In this study, the concept of the trauma-informed organization and creating the culture are examined, as well as a process proposal explaining the stages to become a trauma-informed organization is included.


Organizational culture, organizational trauma, trauma informed organization


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