Why Presidential System?
Neden Başkanlık?

Author : cumhur olcar
Number of pages : 283-308


The parliamentary system is a management system that gave the fight over Turkey for almost two centuries. He continued his journey with Monarchy alone from the beginning of the 20th century. The parliamentary regime that established the Republic has created a unique structure over the years. Multiparty democracy started to work at the end of years of trials and it did not take long for the country to adopt the new system. Through Process revolutions disrupt the numbers are not disciplined party parliamentary democracy has been Turkey's administrative system. The new management system, in which the legislature, executive and judiciary is completely separated by the separation of powers, has reached today. But from the beginning of the 80s a new debate on Turkey's agenda is settled. Long-term coalition periods brought up the search for new management. The presidential regime was considered as a substitute for the parliamentary system and was especially defended due to the advantages of the executive. However what is the parliamentary system, how was it established and what adventure it has not been asked much. Just like the parliamentary regime, what the presidential regime is, what kind of process it has gone through and its examples are not questioned. In this study, the parliamentary regime and the presidential regime will be examined. Why the agenda of the presidential system in Turkey has been introduced and shown what the deficiencies of the parliamentary regime will be examined in this study. Finally, the topics of this article, which will investigate the reasons for the election of the presidential regime against the alleged deficiencies, will be as follows; parliamentary regime, presidential regime, the assumption of the presidential system, parliamentary system and a presidential Turkey and how?


parliamentarism, presidency, democracy and separation of powers.


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