“Revival” and “Self” in Cemil Meriç
Cemil Meriç’te “İhya” ve “Kendi”

Author : Kemal Şamlıoğlu
Number of pages : 204-213


Cemil Meriç, who defines himself as “an ascetic and modest intellectual worker who devotes his life to Turkish wisdom”; He is one of our rare intellectuals, who has managed to be the conscience, alert consciousness of the society in which he lives and always maintains his guiding identity. With this aspect, since Tanzimat, it is one of the rare intellectuals in the process of Europeanization, which has turned its back on its own people and history and has become the founding element of a dramatic alienation, and offers the opportunity to “know spontaneously” and stay on its own. In addition to what he wrote, talked and revealed in all periods of his life, he took his power from the ore offered by his own land to the intellectual, who was westernized with his actions and discourses, and made his greatest defense against the Undersecretaries. The main point that allows us to define Meriç in this way is that he presents his thoughts, far from a certain ideology and demagogy, without losing his passions. His works and interviews are the source of this article, in which we try to examine the world of thought of Meriç and his ascetic status against the Turkish intellectual in the West.


Cemil Meriç, Tanzimat, West.


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