A Quantitative Research for Students’ Knowledge Area Skills of Project Management
Proje Yönetimi Bilgi Alanları Becerilerine Yönelik Bir Nicel Araştırma

Author : Ömer UYSAL - J. Michael Spector
Number of pages : 174-192


Students should learn project management (PM) because of different achievements as some professional groups must learn it such as university members, teachers, engineers, ICT experts etc. PM has different skill sets called by PM skills. One of them is a knowledge area skill set. So, students must achieve the knowledge area skills in order to complete the project on time, on budget and within scope. The research aims to determine levels of knowledge area skills of PM for students with different variables. Quantitative research was used in the research and survey techniques performed to meet the purpose. The findings show that students have high-level KAS of PM for each knowledge area and KAS of PM of students can differ with grade level, number of completed project, academic achievement and enjoying project based learning (PBL) but not gender according to their opinions. Finally, a couple of suggestions were shared.


Project management, knowledge areas, skills, project based learning.


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