Assessment Of The Activities In The Yedi İklim Turkish Teaching Set Textbooks In Terms Of Vocabulary Teaching
Yedi İklim Türkçe Öğretim Seti Ders Kitaplarında Yer Alan Etkinliklerin Sözcük Öğretim Yöntemleri Açısından Değerlendirilmesi

Author : Abdullah UĞUR - - Mesut GÜN
Number of pages : 214-235


One of the main objectives in foreign language teaching is to provide students with reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Vocabulary teaching also contributes to the development of these skills, which are considered the basis of language teaching. It is not possible to develop these skills without having sufficient vocabulary. The first step in learning a foreign language is to learn a word. Learning vocabulary includes a process that continues from the beginning of the foreign language learning process. In this research, the activities in the Yedi İklim Turkish Teaching Set textbooks prepared by Yunus Emre Institute were examined in terms of vocabulary teaching methods. In order to achieve the objectives of this qualitative study, document analysis method was used. According to the findings obtained in the research, the number of activities and the number of word teaching methods used and the number of words intended to be taught are at most A1 level in the textbook, while at least C2 level is in the textbook.


Teaching Turkish as a foreign language, textbook, activity, vocabulary teaching methods.


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