The View Of The Cultural Mıscegenation Fact On The Black Sea Popular Music
Kültürel Melezleşme Olgusunun Karadeniz Popüler Müziği Üzerindeki Görünümü

Author : Erkan Saral
Number of pages : 236-247


In this study, the change and transformation of the Black Sea music, which started to Show its effect in the 90s, in the context of cultural hybridization was examined. As a musical representation style, which genres of popular Black Sea music interact and what are the prominent forms constitute the main subject of this study. As a reflection of the changeable feature of the culture, music practices are also open to hybridization. Nowadays the combination of different music cultures has become widespread and this prevalence is also reflected in local music practices. As a popular trend, the subject of hybrid music concept, including local music practices, was tried to be explained with the Black Sea music sample. In the study, literature and album scanning were done as a method. Therefore, while the subject of cultural hybridization is dealt with in the context of music, some works of Fuat Saka and Kazım Koyuncu albums are evaluated as data. Accordingly, it was revealed that folk music genres, especially in the eastern regions of the Black Sea, were shaped by gaining jazz harmony with the interpretation of Fuat Saka. In the case of Kazım Koyuncu, the genre that was already valid under the name of Anatolian Rock became hybridized under the name of Black Sea Rock.


Hybridization, Blacksea Music.


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