Idioms in Enveri’s Divan
Enverî Divanı’nda Deyimler

Author : Ömer SAVRAN
Number of pages : 248-273


Many divan poets living between XV and XIX. century use various expressions from lay terminology or daily speech due to various reasons such as: to strengthen their words, to make attractive the wording or to be able to get the sincerity. Enveri who lived in XVII. Century is one of the poets who apply this language material belonging to our culture in an austere style and use such utterances in his poets frequently. In this study, idioms, proverbs and sayings which are seen in Enveri’s poems have been studied. Language material related to topic in poet’s divan has been studied with samples and idioms have been categorized in terms of their forms.


Key Words: Enveri, Divan of Enveri, idioms, proverbs, XVII. century.


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