The Gender of Media in Turkey: The Perceptions of Female Media Professionals About Male-Dominated Media Structure
Türkiye’de Medyanın Toplumsal Cinsiyeti: Kadın Medya Profesyonellerinin Erkek Egemen Medya Yapısına Dair Algıları

Author : Nurdan AKINER
Number of pages : 40-61


The role of the media is immense and seems to be having no limits. They can create but destroy too. Therefore the way they deal with such a sensitive issue like the woman is of the highest importance, especially in certain traditionally oriented societies and countries. The media and their approach can systemize the change of the women’s picture within those cultures, and this is how women can get the position they deserve in this modern world. In many countries, the contemporary situation still favors men and their domination. The fighting against empowerment and violence, which a lot of women suffer, should be the role of the media. This research paper attempts to depict some general theoretical and methodological approaches to the male-dominated media structure that reinforce stereotypes, build barriers to equality. The purpose of the research is to disclose the fundamental dynamics that make the news production problematic, working conditions, and problems of female media professionals employed in the Turkish media (people who have a degree in Journalism, Advertising, Radio, and TV or Public Relations or work in the area). In this work, an in-depth interview technique, one of the qualitative research methods, was used as a data collection tool. In-depth interviews in Turkey was carried out with 66 female media professionals. In addition to the use of nicknames to ensure that the identities of female media professionals are not deciphered during the research and writing phase, a high level of effort has been made for security.


Female media professionals, gender, in-depth interview.


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