Five Ballads That Melodized and Compiled by Aşık Dertli Divani in Şanlıurfa Territory and the Turkısh Folk Music Analyses of These Ballads

In Kısas hometown Sanlıurfa, many troubadours contınue to contribute to Turkısh fold music, both with their instruments and lyrics. Dertli Divani, whose real name is Veli Aykut, is one of the troubadour who grew up in this century. Dertli Divani also appears as a composer and compiler as well as a bard. The troubadour, who has awarded “the human treasure award” by UNESCO in 2011, has only three works of this own in the TRT repertoire. In this research, which is important in terms of music culture, two folk songs and three compositions compiled by Dertli Divani were discussed. These works were obtained from album records. With this study, it is aimed to bring five new songs to the literatüre, to ensure the contiunity and diversity of our Turkish Folk Music, and to transfer them to the future correctly. The works are carefully scrutinized and Turkish Folk Music analyses are conducted. In the studied works, the richness of maqam and procedure stands out, and the words contain elements of the Alevi-Bektaşi tradition.


Dertli Divani, Sanlıurfa, Folk Music, Musical Analyses, Ballad

Author : Feyzi Yağcı
Number of pages: 274-294
Full text:
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