A Case Study on Data Loss in Noninteractive Listening
Etkileşimsiz Dinlemede Veri Kaybı Üzerine Bir Durum Çalışması

Author : Berker KURT
Number of pages : 295-312


Among the communication skills, listening is the earliest acquired and most frequently used. For listening process to happen, one needs to operate his/her physiological, emotional, behavioral and metacognitive skills in certain proportions. To do this, data is absolutely needed. This study, which aims to reveal the loss of data between the transfers in the noninteractive listening process, is designed as a holistic single case pattern from the case study patterns within the framework of qualitative research. The research data, which were subjected to content analysis, were collected from 42 university students selected by the purposeful sampling method. During the research process, the participants were given a text and asked to transfer it to the next participant. This process carried out six times and the research process was completed. As a result, the narrative type of text listening, consisting of event, location, and character elements, suffered an average of 41.3% of data loss at the end of each transfer, and an average of 78.3% of data at the end of six transmissions. The least loss of data among them was seen in the character and event elements. This points out that events and characters are given importance the most in the transfer of a text that is listened to. Another important result of the research is that the idioms and their numerical expressions which are densely used in the text are completely lost during the transfers.


Teaching Turkish, listening skill, noninteractive listening , data loss, case study.


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