The Effect of Quota Application on Sugar Beet on Kütahya Sugar Beet Production and Socio-Economic Status of Producers
Şeker Pancarında Kota Uygulamasının Kütahya Şeker Pancarı Üretimine ve Üreticilerin Sosyo-Ekonomik Durumlarına Etkisi

Author : Şeyma Yılmaz Kuşçuoğlu - Ergin UZGÖREN
Number of pages : 222-237


Agriculture is especially critical for the economies of developing countries, as it constitutes the first stage of development processes. Sugar beet, which is an agricultural product, gains importance in terms of being the primary raw material of sugar with high added value. For this reason, all countries take various measures to regulate the sugar market as a strategic product. Various applications have been made to regulate the sugar market in Turkey. The aim of this study is to investigate the possible effects of sugar beet production quota applied since 1998 on sugar beet production in Kutahya and the socio-economic status of beet producers. For this purpose, a questionnaire was applied to 60 farmers who were selected from sugar beet farmers in Kutahya by sampling. When the results of the survey were analyzed, it was concluded that the production of beets in Kutahya did not show great changes with the application of quotas, the areas of beet produced and the amount of beet produced were largely related to irrigation possibilities and the number of parts of agricultural land.


Quota, Agricultural Quota Applications, Sugar Beet, Sugar Law, Sugar Beet Quota Application.


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