A Citation Analysis on the Work of Professor Doctor Ali GÖÇER
Prof. Dr. Ali GÖÇER’ in Çalışmaları Üzerine Bir Atıf Analizi

Author : Hüseyin ATEŞ
Number of pages : 124-137


Turkish education academic field is located among sub-science fields of Educational Sciences and Teacher Training Basic field. One of the researchers studying Turkish Education field is Professor. Dr. Ali Göçer. Göçer contributed to the literature on Turkish education with his basic language skills and his studies in teaching Turkish to Foreigners. Göçer stands out with its academic productivity in the second term of the Turkish education academic field. In this study, it is aimed to subject the scientific books of Göçer as the only author to citation analysis. In this context, the bibliographies of the books titled Turkish Learning and Teaching Approaches, Writing Work / Writing Education, Testing and Evaluation in Turkish Education, Activity-Based Primary Reading and Writing Education were analyzed. The pattern of the study is a descriptive model. Citation analysis technique was used in data analysis. According to the results obtained in the study, the most intense 2005-2014 period was cited in the bibliographies. The most common resource type is the book.


Turkish education, Ali Göçer, citation analysis, scientific book.


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