The Traditional Applications and Nursing Approach in Turkey regarding Pre-Pregnancy Period
Gebelik Öncesi Döneme İlişkin Türkiye’deki Geleneksel Uygulamalar ve Hemşirelik Yaklaşımı

Author : Ayten Dinç - Elif OCAKTAN
Number of pages : 138-147


Traditional practices are methods that are rooted in traditions and passed down from generation to generation. Traditional health practices, however, include practices that affect the health practices regarding the beliefs, traditions, values, and cultures of the society. While traditional practices are applied in many parts of the world, they are more common in underdeveloped and developing countries. It is observed that women use various traditional health practices before, during, and after birth. Traditional practices for the pre-pregnancy period are generally aimed at infertility treatment, genital tract infections, and gender determination during pregnancy. While certain traditional practices are good for health, some can be harmful. It is very important to know the cultural structure of society while providing health services. Acknowledging the traditional practices related to pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period would support the families in this period to determine the priorities in the health service. It is important to protect the health of women through changing the practices by showing examples of harm caused by wrong traditional practices to the physical, mental, and social health with concrete examples by nurses. In this compilation study, traditional practices in the pre-pregnancy period and nursing approaches will be discussed in the light of current data.


Pre-pregnancy, traditional practices, nursing approach.


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