The Mediating Role of Employee Voice within the Impact of Work Commitment on Intention to Stay
İşe Bağlılığın İşte Kalma Niyeti Üzerindeki Etkisinde İş Gören Sesliliğinin Aracılık Rolü

Author : Fatma Yeşilkuş - Fatma YEŞİLKUŞ - Onur Başar ÖZBOZKURT
Number of pages : 238-256


Employees, regardless of nature and type of business, are one of the key resources of the organizations. Organizations that desire to run their business activities in a recent competition environment wish to successfully manage relationships with employees and tend to retain employees in a longer-term in the organization. In this line, organizations have started to be more interested in employee voice for obtaining a high level of performance and creating the work commitment and intention to stay of qualified employees. From this point of view, this study aims at analyzing the work commitment, intention to stay and employee voice in detail and being fulfilled the clear need of research in related literature via examining the effect between those variables and the mediating role of employee voice within the impact of work commitment on intention to stay. To this end, the data obtained from 368 employees that were reached by the snowball sampling method has been analyzed by using the quantitative analysis programs “SPSS 21.0” and “AMOS 24.0”. As a result of the analysis, it has been identified that work commitment has a positive and significant impact on both intention to stay and employee voice; employee voice has a positive and statistically significant impact on intention to stay, and the partial mediation role of employee voice within the impact of work commitment on intention to stay.


Employee, work commitment, intention to stay, employee voice


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