The Effect Of Dıgıtal Addıctıon On Problem Behavıor In Chıldren In Pre-School
Dijital Bağımlılığın Okul Öncesi Dönemdeki Çocuklarda Problem Davranışlarına Etkisi

Author : Ayşe KANTER
Number of pages : 207-221


Children are exposed to to both traditional and modern technology, nowadays. It is known that increasing the using of TV and it’s content has negative effect on development and health of children, new researchings also show that smart phones, tablets and computers have serious place on this effect. In the last decade, studies to benefit this topic showed that the inappropriate use of such technological devices in terms of content, duration, frequency and posture; It poses various health risks such as developmental problems, musculoskeletal problems, physical inactivity, obesity and poor sleep quality. In this working, literature of the effect of the usage of the digital technology on problematic behaviours of children has been reviewed. According to the studies, for children and teenagers to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to ensure having adequate physical activity opportunities, healthy eating habits, appropriate sleep cycles or development; It has been understood that it is important to follow the times, frequency and content of using technological devices and this also feeds the social environment.


Digital addiction, pre-school period, social media, behavior.


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