Furniture Design In The World Of 0-6 Age Group Child
0-6 Yaş Grubu Çocuğun Dünyasında Mobilya Tasarımı

Author : Deniz Demirarslan
Number of pages : 64-76


Human beings are one of the organisms that show rapid growth from birth to early adult period. The most rapid physical and psychological development is seen in the 0-6 age group. In this period, children who develop with both heredity and environmental conditions have experienced many adaptations to their environment while performing many activities such as crawling, walking, sitting, movement, gaining basic skills. The way in which children use the place they live in is quite different from adults. However, the design of the places and objects related to children is under the control of adults; physical and psychological development of the child is ignored. Although the effects of the children's room on the child's development have been emphasized by educational scientists today; the design of children's rooms is still a neglect of the design world. Turkey and in the world generally be subject to the approach and solutions used in the bedroom, wardrobes, tables, chairs scaled down in size, such as the delivery of goods emerges in kids. However, such approaches not only prevent the child's perceptual and cognitive development, but also increase the risk of accidents within the space. Perhaps what needs to be done is that the designers try to understand and respond to all their physical and mental needs by approaching the child's world as much as possible. In this study, while giving general information about the development of the child, on the other hand, furniture design criteria will be examined for 0-6 age group children and problems will be revealed when these criteria are ignored.


child, children space, design, furniture.


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