Effects of Nomofobi Levels on Life Satisfaction and Work Performance: A Case Study in Kütahya City Center

Today, as a result of technological advances, smartphones are being used in all areas of life. Smartphones have both facilitated and adversely affected people's lives. Positive and negative situations such information access, productivity, mixing work and leisure time are seen with the use of smartphones. Some people cannot stay away from smartphones. Smartphone addiction is defined as Nomophobia. Life satisfaction of people is affected by subjective and objective indicators. In this study, the effects of Nomofobi levels on people's lives, life satisfaction and work performance were investigated.


Nomophobia, Smartphone, Life Satisfaction, Performance.

Author : Bülent TOKAT - Yasin AKTAŞ - Hakan KARA
Number of pages: 16-32
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.29228/rssstudies.23439
Full text:
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