The Self Effiency of Maths Teachers of Primary Schools of General Teaching Behaviors (The Sample Of Ankara)

Author : Nadir ÇELİKÖZ - Hülya YILDIZLI
Number of pages : 1-23


Throughout this study, the main objective is to determine how competently maths teachers at primary education perceive themselves in terms of general teaching behaviors and to examine whether the competency of a teacher displays any distinction or not, based on some variants such as gender, seniority and the graduated university. The universe of the study consists of the 237 maths teachers working in the various towns of Ankara, namely Altındağ, Yenimahalle, Çankaya and Keçiören. Throughout the study conducted in general survey model, the data has been collected with Erişen’s and Çeliköz’s (2003) “Efficiency Scale of General Teaching Behaviors”. The scale’s Cronbach alpha reliability coefficient is. 96. The statistical analysis of the data has been made with Windows SPSS Version 15.0. The personal information of the teachers participated in the survey has been analyzed with frequency and percentage values. Whether there is any significant difference in gender has been determined with t test. The single way variant analysis has been used to determine whether there is any significant difference in terms of the variants of seniority and the graduated university. According to the results in the research, the teachers generally perceive themselves competent. Though there has not been observed any significant difference among the teachers in terms of gender and seniority, there is a significant difference in terms of the graduated university. The research outcomes have been interpreted and the offers have been suggested accordingly.


Teaching Profession, Effiencies of General Teaching, Maths Teachers of Primary School.


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