Determination on Primary Teachers’ Self-Confidence Level on First-Aid Subject

Author : Sümeyye BAYTÜRE - - Ali ÖZEL
Number of pages : 94-105


The purpose of this study, is that Determination on Primary Teachers’ Self-Confidence Level on First-Aid Subject. This paper was carried out by scanning (survey) model. Measuring tool which was used in this research was developed by the researchers. Cronbach Alpha internal consistency coefficients of survey was found to be 0.88. The sample size is determined by purposeful stratified sampling method. The study sample consisted 112 teachers who participated in this study were female, 38 were male, total 150 primary school teachers who are working in province, district and village of Nigde during 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 educational year. According to the obtained results, only 1.3% of the teachers participating in the study was determined that they are medical staff in the school. It have been identified that there was a medicine cabinet in the majority of teachers' school. But there isn't a medicine cabinet in some schools. Findings showed that the teachers have low levels of self-confidence in first aid. There was determined that no significant difference of primary school teachers' self confidence according to circumstance like teacher duty period and have obtained service training with the first-aid status. 82.7% of teachers said that they also wanted to get involved in research related to first aid training. In this context, Inservice training should not be limited to theoritical knowledge and must be supported with application will be held with the support of experts. It is believed that this applications will increase the confidence level of the teachers.


first aid, self-confidence, primary scholl teachers.


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