The Effects of Maternal Bonding and Agency on Personality Traits in the Process of Transition to Adulthood
Yetişkiniğe Geçiş Döneminde Anneye Bağlanma ve Özerk Eylemde Bulunmanın Kişilik Özellikleri Üzerindeki Etkisi

Author : Hasan ATAK
Number of pages : 136-147


In the literature, there have been no researches examine the relationship of personality, maternal bonding, and agency. Handling together these variables in a model may provide the direction and power of the relationships of these three variables; may contribute to the literature, too. The main purpose of this study was to examine the effects of bond to mother and agency on personality traits. In this descriptive and causal comparative study, participants were composed of students who are studying at the University of Kirikkale. Participants were between the ages of 19-26 and 276 (52.4%) of them were women, 224 (47.6%) of them were male, for a total of 508 students. The average age of the participants was 22.6 (SD: ± 2.8). In this research, Maternal Bonding Inventory, Multi-Measure Agentic Personality Scale, and Ten-Item Personality Inventory were used to gather data. In data analysis frequency and percentage analysis and path model analysis were utilized. The findings showed that bond to mother and agency predicted personality traits in the period of transition to adulthood, and agency had a mediating effect between bond to mother and personality traits. Healthy maternal bonding increased the points of emotional stability, agreeableness and agency; however, it decreased the points of openness to experience, conscientiousness, and extraversion. Agency also increased the points of agreeableness, while it decreased the points of emotional stability, openness to experience, conscientiousness, and extraversion. It can be emphasized that the findings of this study, in general, were compatible with the literature; however, some of the findings did not comply with the literature and these differences seem to root in the Turkish culture.


Maternal bonding Agency Personality Five-factor theory

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