Gender Identity or Discrimination Based Sexual Orientation in Turkey and Reflections on Health
Türkiye’de Cinsiyet Kimliği ya da Cinsel Yönelim Temelli Ayrımcılık ve Sağlığa Yansımaları

Number of pages : 446-461


Due to societal gender norms, individuals are imprisoned in the dual gender category and are forced to fulfill the roles and behaviors desired by society, they are forced to hide their sex identity and sexual orientation they express themselves; individuals who are open about sexual orientation and gender identity are stigmatized and they are being excluded from social life. The discriminatory attidudes that cause LGBTI members to not adapt to social life, and them being subjected to social exclusion, also shows itself in the field of health. From this point of view, the health field in Turkey is an institution where gender roles and gender differences are recreated. It is thought that it will be important to attract the attention of healthcare professionals to LGBTI's access to health care services and to remove the problems they face while receiving these services. For this reason, it is believed that it is important to discuss and understand LGBTI's access to health care, so that in private, in healthcare and in sociental unity for LGBTI's visibility, and in general, an understanding of sexual identity and sexual orientation- based differences can contribute to the struggle.


Gender identity, Sexual orientation, LGBTI, Discrimination, Health

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