Travel Agents' Approach to Customer Complaints: Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya Comparison
Seyahat Acentelerinin Müşteri Şikâyetlerine Yaklaşımı: İstanbul, Ankara ve Antalya Karşılaştırması

Number of pages : 23-35


The complaint is one of the behavioral patterns exhibited by the customer whose expectations are not provided. Unsatisfied customer express dissatisfaction through different channels to firm and (s)he must seek a fair solution which (s)he can accept. Correct gratification of complaints and satisfaction of customers are crucial for businesses not to meet marketing problems. The approach of complaints is also important in intermediary organizations that provide service-intensive products such as travel agencies. This study aims to determine the approach of travel agencies to customer complaints. For this purpose, questionnaire technique was used from quantitative research methods. A survey was conducted on 323 A class travel agency operating in Istanbul, Ankara and Antalya. Analyzes have found that there are significant differences in products, customer profiles, grievance channels and grievance remedies for the products that the endorsing agencies are depending on. In the conclusion of the study, there are recommendations about what travel agencies should pay attention to in complaints approaches to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Travel Agencies, Customer Complaints, Types of Complaint Solutions.

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