Analyzing the Relationship between Self-Acceptance with School Anger Level of Boarding Students of A Girls Vocational High School
Yatılı Kız Meslek Lisesi Öğrencilerinin Kendini Kabul Düzeyleri ile Okul Öfkesi Arasındaki İlişkinin İncelenmesi

Author : Fatma Elif KILINÇ
Number of pages : 126-135


This study was conducted with the aim of ascertaining whether there is a relationship between the self-acceptance levels and school anger in boarding students of a girls vocational high school. With this aim, the sample of the study consists of 106 students boarding, from Zübeyde Hanım Girls Vocational High School located in city center of Bolu. Self Acceptance Inventory for High Schools Form and Multidimensional School Anger Scale was used to collect data for the research. The data of the research was analysed with a frequency, percent and Pearson correlation analysis. Results of the study suggest that there is a high level of self acceptance was observed in the relative importance of the dimensions of anger school.


High school students, self-acceptance, school anger

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