Three Relıgıons Three States (Polıtıcal System Analysıs Of The Saudı Arabıa-Vatıcan And Israel )
Üç Din Üç Devlet (Suudi Arabistan-Vatikan Ve İsrail’in Siyasal Sistem Analizi)

Author : Hüseyin SEVİNÇ
Number of pages : 169-199


The phenomenon of religion is a concept that provides and makes sense of unity between the present time and the time of future. In this framework at the base of all religion there are promises for he future and it is ruquired to establish a link between the two times to reach promised. The basic practice of establishing a connection between two times is to build bridges for the hereafter by evaluating the present time with the standards that religion requires. The socialization notion of religion out of individuality is related to the total or substantial coincidence of the social rules with the laws ordered by religion. The homogenity of the social structure is an important ensuring factor to shaping of religious demands within the political system. On the other hand, in the heterogeneous societies of religion, the formation of religious demands within the political system is both more difficult and more complex. The main aim of this study is to be able to reveal the effects of Islam, Christianity and Judaism ,which are semitic relions, on the administration and structure of the state. For this purpose Saudi Arabia, Vatican and Israeli states have been detetrmined and the political structures of these states will be examined and their differences will be tried to be revealed.


Saudi Arabia, Vatican, Israeli, Theocracy, Legislative, Executive, Judicial

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