Arnold J. Toynbee’s Review on Turkey and the Straits (1938)
Arnold J. Toynbee’nin Türkiye ve Boğazlar Üzerine Değerlendirmeleri (1938)

Author : İrşad Sami YUCA
Number of pages : 211-223


Europe, after geographical discoveries quickly entered into a modernization. And in time the political, economic and cultural new developments came in to the world agenda. In this process the one of the important political developments was the status of the Dardanelles and the Istanbul straits under the domination of Turkey. For imperialist powers, the geographical location of the straits becomes a political and military problem. The British historian Arnold J. Toynbee gave an interview to The Listener, which is one of the UK's most respected weekly journals, in 1938, about the a sensitive issue of Turkish foreign policy straits, which came up from the 19th century until recently. In this study, an assessment will be made of the opinions expressed by Arnold J. Toynbee in his interview about the Turkish straits.


Turkey, Mediterranean, Black Sea, Straits, Evaluation

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