Determınatıon Of Problems Related To Teachıng Of Grammar Topıcs In Secondary School Turkısh Courses
Ortaöğretim Türkçe Dersinde Dil Bilgisi Konularının Öğretiminde Karşılaşılan Sorunların Belirlenmesi

Author : Mustafa ARSLAN
Number of pages : 231-241


The aim of this study is to determine the problems encountered in the teaching of grammar topics in Secondary School Turkish courses. How these grammar topics will be taught is one of the significant research fields. The status and issues of teaching grammar in Turkish and searching solutions to these issues have been long-standing matter on the agenda. In this context, data was collected by developing a survey consisting of likert-type questions for the purpose of determining the problems encountered in teaching grammar topics in secondary school and they were interpreted after they were being analyzed in SPSS program. According to the findings of the study, main problems, such as not much emphasis was given while teaching grammar topics, students did not show much interest towards the teaching of grammar, the memorization of grammatical rules and insufficiency of Turkish grammar textbooks, were encountered while teaching Turkish. Teaching and learning verb structures, gerundials and compound sentences had been identified as the most difficult grammar topics in accordance with the results of this study as well as other academic studies previously conducted. One of the most obvious results revealed through this study is that teaching of grammar topics were taught through the logic testing method for the university entrance examination.


Secondary school Grammar topics teaching-learning Issues Determination

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