The Statements of Hague’s Embassy and National Agency of Ottoman State in the Holloand Press in 1915 about Armenian Incidents
Ermeni Olayları Hakkında Osmanlı Devleti Lahey Elçiliği Ve Milli Ajansı’nın 1915 Yılı Hollanda Basınına Yansıyan Açıklamaları

Author : Ayhan SERTKAYA -- Yakup YILMAZ
Number of pages : 462-475


The Netherlands’ gazettes were closely interested in the developments during the war as all the world with the beginning of World War First. The news sources of Netherlands which weren’t a national news agency during the period are mostly the news agencies of Allied Powers. The case caused that the public opinion in Netherlands was informed one sidedly. Despite this, the explanations from The Hague’s Embassy and the news from The National Agency were included in the press of Netherlands. The gazettes of the period’s Netherlands can be reached through the website with the name of / which was established by The Royalty Library of Netherlands. Two different explanations that The Hague’s Embassy did were determined in the searches which were done about the subject through this website. First one of them is the explanation that The Hague’s Embassy did about the note which was given to Ottoman by The Allied Powers about The Armenian events. The second one was done against the news which were seen about The Armenian events also. Furthermore, two different news sources were included on the gazettes of Netherlands on the base of National Agency. These are about the massacres which were done by Russians and Armenians in Van with the regulation that was done about an article by The National Agency that was published on a Switzerland’s Gazette with the name of Gazette de Lousanne.


Netherland, Ottoman Empire, Hague’s Embassy, National Agency, Armenian Question

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